Welcome to the HISTORY OF BIRMINGHAM POETRY PROJECT. The short version of the blog’s raison d’etre can be read in the About/Contact page, the long version in An Introduction. This is an experimental webblog, by which I mean that I don’t really know what I’m doing. However, rest assured, I am sitting on a veritable treasure trove of information concerning the entire history of poets- and poetry writing- in Birmingham, going all the way back to our city’s founding 1871 (yikes!). It will take me awhile to get it all posted, ergo please be patient. 

Interactive discussion is of vital importance. There are great big holes in my study of the history of Birmingham poetry, and I hope that some of you can help me fill them. I should have a Comment box at the end of each page. Please keep in mind that I would prefer to be G-rated. Monosyllabic and stoner comments such as  “awesome” are welcome but won’t stay on site long…this ain’t facebook. Good comment of historical import stays up.

As stated in the About/Contact short version, I am limiting my focus right now to the first 113 years of Birmingham’s existence, from 1871 to 1984. I need to get a handle on the way-back past before I tackle the recent past.

Thanks for visiting…“yawl come back now, ya-he-ah?”

Blogmeister Craig

Page titled AN INTRODUCTION is required reading. For actual text from the book-length manuscript which sparked this History of Birmingham Poetry Project, check out the Poetry by Decade Page, the most important Page in blog.

Note on photo credits: I have tried to credit photographers when known. Any photos posted are for the benefit of promoting the item cited. If I have violated any copyright I apologize and will remove per legitimate request. On the other hand, any images posted are free to be re-posted by legitimate parties not out to rip anyone off.